To the Airport in 3 and 1/2 Hours


Wow, last night was interesting. My friend and I went to the Rock Bottom Brewery,, in Lynnwood. It is a good restaurant but I got a little food poisoning. My stomach could not handle the cream that came with the Swan Song pizza. My last meal in Seattle sucked 🙁

Yesterday was an odd day. I went to Supercuts and got my hair cut by a pretty Vietnamese girl. I told her that I was going to Vietnam today and she asked me if I was Vietnamese??? I thought that was funny. Anyway, she was real nice and asked me to speak with her in Vietnamese when I return from Saigon next year. I really liked this girl but you know what, it never even crossed my mind to give her my email address or ask for her telephone number. What is wrong with me???

I am about to clean my room. A lot of dust on the floor since we only have hard wood floors minus the carpet in this house. I need to get a phone call to my mom as well and then hopefully finish packing when my laundry is done.

I will post a LJ when I am in Singapore.

Later Alligators!!!

Lana be good!!! Estrella stop protesting the Civilized White man!!! Kalani, tell Lana to be good.

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