7 More Mosquito Bites

How can it be? I wore MOSQUITO REPELLENT last night when I went out on our balcony to lie on the hammock. I put a lot on my legs but nothing on my arms. My legs got 7 new mosquito bites while I was out there. That is the most since my first night in Ho Chi Minh City where I got 25 mosquito bites while I slept.

Our new housekeeper is an awesome cook. Only one problem, I have had stomach problems twice since yesterday. I think she is using the tap water instead of the bottled water. When Chau comes back, we will have to clarify things a bit. You should not drink the tap water since the water in Vietnam still contains Agent Orange and other stuff. If my two water bottles are full in the fridge, I will know she used the tap water. No problem.

Ever try paying bills online with a telephone line from another country? Everytime I try to access my Citibank account online, they are always down for maintanence.

I was going to run this morning but I had an upset stomach last night. I will try again tomorrow morning. There is a street that is not so busy next to our house. I found it while Chau took me to the market.

Back to work…

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