Jogging in Thu Duc, HCMC

The last time I went on a run was about a month ago in Seattle. Today I finally went out for a short jog near our house. I got up at around 7:45 AM, did a short workout and then ran.

When I started my jog, the temperature was around 88 degrees F with the relative humidity around 92 percent. I made sure I drank a bottle of water before I left to avoid dehydration. I realized that I may need to bring a water bottle with me from now on.

The run, though short, was nice. I ran on a backstreet which was still busy. It was odd having to run around pedestrians, bikers, and the motorbikes all at the same time. People just kept staring at me (I wore my Adidas shorts and Former Marine t-shirt). Even though I had my glasses on, they knew I was a foreignor with my white legs.

I came back home in a ball of sweat. I decided that tomorrow I need to start my run at about 6:30 AM to avoid the heat. At that time, the temperature should be around 78 degrees F.

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