Well, I got the full day off today. Finally. I was exhausted.

Yesterday, on the way back from Saigon, my motorbike driver was stopped at a check point. The Vietnamese police decided to pick yesterday to enforce their motorcycle helmet law. It is a good law but many Vietnamese did not think the police would enforce it. Anyway, my driver thought he would get past by using my helmet. Nope, the police saw me and presto, we were stopped. Before going to the police, my driver told me to walk down the highway, he was a bit scared, and he would meet me farther down. Arghh, I lost sight of him and had to call Chau but luckily the driver popped up. I had to cross the HIGHWAY to get back on the bike 🙁

I can’t wait until I get my motorbike, hopefully, next week. I actually saw MY bike yesterday. Still waiting to get my money transferred over from the US to Vietnam.

Chau let me drive her Attila from her grandmother’s house back to Thu Duc. It was a blast and I managed to get it up to 50 KPH (about 30 MPH) which is considered fast here. The 125cc Attilas have a lot of power. I got a little nervous on the outskirts of Saigon since there were more motorbikes around but I managed to get us back home in one piece. Funny thing, it was not the big trucks that scared me, it was the bicycles. They are all over the place and do not seem to care about the traffic.

Get to sleep in tomorrow but I have to be in downtown Saigon by 9:15 AM.

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