I had to come straight back to Thu Duc after working this morning in Saigon. Our housekeeper wants to take a week vacation before Jon arrives. She should leave shortly. We have to keep someone in the house now at all times since we only have padlocks to lock the gate and main doors of the house. Not very secure. Tonight or tomorrow, we may get some deadlocks if we can find some.

Since I am in Thu Duc now, that meant I could not go to the karaoke club today 🙁 I wanted to go to relax since I work 6 days a week which is typical in Vietnam. I am tired sometimes. I hate to sing karaoke but spending time there with friends is quite relaxing. Watching them sing is really hilarious, well at least until I have to sing.

Two weeks I will be able to ride my motorbike on the road, hopefully. Then I will be able to stay in Saigon until later at night.

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