Thursday Morning Update


I a grouch this morning.  I think I woke up too early.  The weather is nice and cool now but it will get hot as usual around noontime.  I am on my second day of my 2 week vacation.  I will just stay in the city most of the time.  Next week is Tet.

I just about got debugged.  Strangely enough, my website would not send emails to  So I changed it to an email with a different domain and now it works fine.  Very strange.  I have to debug two more websites within before I leave today.

I am having coffee at Highlands Coffee with a co-worker, Tiffany, today.  She is a Viet Kieu who will be returning to the US next month.  Highlands Coffee is sort of a Starbuck’s clone.  A bit expensive when compared to other coffee houses in Saigon but they have Italian soda and cheesecake which are my favorites back in Seattle.

Smokey is getting bigger.  He is eating Whiskers in a can.  He really likes the beef flavor.  When he is older, I will feed him some raw meat and fish as part of his diet.  I need to make him a couple of scratching posts.  I will also have to make my own cat nip.  I need to find the plants that I can use here in Vietnam.  Not sure what the name of it is but I know it is some sort of a mint.

Well, back to my website…

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