Long Day


Well, it was a long day today at APU. My IT staff and I are actually doing quite well. We finally got started on the website but we need some more content. Tomorrow Tri and I will try to complete the initial web site.

The APU students will depart for Seattle on Thursday. Tri and I plan to leave on Sunday. We will arrive into Seattle on the 24th. A week later, we should be in Rhode Island for 4 days. I have several friends to meet there besides the meetings. After 4 days, we will head to LA, pick up our computers and make our way back to Saigon. I will post our itinerary tomorrow night.

I plan to meet Tracy in LA. If we have time, we will fly down to Mexico.

Lunchtime was interesting. Tri, Minh and I headed for this outside cafe that was decent. We had an interesting conversation.

Long meetings in the afternoon kept me from meeting Anh Ngoc in the afternoon 🙁 Instead, I met Mac at Mimosa on Bui Vien. Tracy met us later. It was an interesting evening though I could not get a drink again. I was riding my motorbike as usual.

See you all in the US hopefully in one week.

Oh yeah, it looks like Jeremy will have to take care of Smokey while I am in the US. He likes Smokey and so far has been the only reliable person I can trust to take care of my cat.

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