Trip Away from Saigon


Finally my visa will arrive tomorrow night after spending over two weeks with the Immigration Dept. Luckily I did not need it during the last two weeks.

I decided that I needed to take a small trip sometime this week. I have not decided yet but I am thinking about either going to Mu Nei or Phu Quoc. Going back to Thailand is also an option. I have a friend there that I never met up with when I traveled there last July.

It is hot again today. The rainy season will probably last a little longer than usual. Our house in District 5 does not have water this morning. Luckily I had my air conditioner on this morning though I doubt I really need it.

I will see my friend, Thao, tonight. Probably take her to the Japanese restaurant in Zen Plaza. It has been awhile since I saw Thao. Usually I meet up with her and Quy at the same time but I think Quy will want to spend Sunday with her ex-boyfriend/boyfriend 🙂 Tonight I will work on my Vietnamese with Thao and I promised to help with her English.

Water, please come back 🙁

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