Sociology Exam #2

I am proud of them today. They do not know it. They got an American exam today which was more difficult. I did not expect them to finish the exam and many did not. They may have felt they done poorly. I know they did not. Today, my Vietnamese students reminded me of American university students. This is something they should be proud of. They study at the Center for International Education which is part of the Vietnam National Univeristy – Ho Chi Minh City under the American University Cooperation Program (long one).

CIE-VNUHCMC Sociology Students

(Working hard on their exam)

CIE-VNUHCMC Sociology Students

(Front row always scores well on the exams)

CIE-VNUHCMC Sociology Students

(I watch the back row like a hawk :-))

Their exam included multiple choice questions, short answers, two essays and one extra credit.

4 comments on “Sociology Exam #2”

  1. thuy khuat

    They seemed not to notice that you were taking pictures of them huh? Or they would haven’t been able to concentrate on the test. The first one wasn’t taken in the same place with the others, I guess.

  2. Mai

    Ouch !! You took my picture in secret ! What a parapazzi !! Hehe…l looked soo cute and smart in the testing-room picture anyway….soo thanks !! l think it was great, finally !

  3. Minh

    Remind me of my college days. hehe I see all ladies in the front row. the back is filled with guys whose probably are struggling

  4. kevmille

    Mai, did you pass the exam??? 🙂

    Thuy, they were too nervous and scared of failing my exam…

    Yeah, even in my new History class, the girls tend to sit in front.

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