Best Wontons in Saigon

Located on 139 Ly Van Sy in the Phu Nhuan District (at the intersection of Ly Van Sy and Hunyh Van Banh) is best wonton stand in the entire city. Run by a Chinese-Vietnamese family, for about VND 18,000 ($1.20 US), you can get a big bowl of wontons with noodles and a Miranda Lemon soda. It is a great place for lunch.

Saigon Wonton Stand

(This restaurant uses an original, maybe antique, wonton stand)

Saigon Wonton Stand

(Prices are very good)

Saigon Wonton Stand

(Wontons with a Miranda Chanh soda)

3 comments on “Best Wontons in Saigon”

  1. Thuy Khuat

    you are confusing people if they want to find that restaurant: Le Van Sy street, Huynh Van Banh street…. Is the food there delicious??? 😉

  2. anoisblue

    I love the photographs and information like this that you share. I pointed my brother to your journal so he can show my sister-in-law, Huong. She’s from Saigon and still has family there.

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