Phu Nhuan Alleyway Craziness


In Saigon, one must learn how to navigate through the narrow alleyways if you want a house in a quiet area, i.e. a house where you can hear the birds chirp in the morning. It can be nerve wracking and do not be surprised if a part of your bike OR your body scrap against a building or two.

Phu Nhuan Alleyway Craziness, Saigon, Vietnam

(Walking along the alleyway in front of my house with Dominic, my housemate)

Phu Nhuan Alleyway Craziness, Saigon, Vietnam

(Many shops are closed during the day but they open up in the evenings narrowing this alleyway even more)

Phu Nhuan Alleyway Craziness, Saigon, Vietnam

(Yes, my motorbike can get through here)

Phu Nhuan Alleyway Craziness, Saigon, Vietnam

(Only one motorbike at a time can pass here)


  1. Hello Kevin,

    I happened to find your blog when I was looking into Phu Nhuan District. It was very interesting that you have been living in Vietnam for 2 yrs. Do you like it there? Can you handle the living conditions there? Do you get sick at all? Sorry for asking so many questions ( I couldn’t ask my family, so i have to ask someone else). thank you. Oh, you don’t need to answer if you don’t want to. thanks. By the way, I lived in the US. I haven’t been back since 1981. arigato.

  2. I have lived in Vietnam for over 3 years now 🙂 Yeah, I do love it here. The Phu Nhuan District is very nice. Quieter than District 1 or District 3. I am so used to life here, I do not know if I can ever move back to the US.

    I do get sick but lately, not as often as last year. I eat healthy food which helps thanks to Vietnamese food 🙂

    So, do you live in Japan now?

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