The Rat and the Pig

The Rat and the Pig make a great pair, in friendship, in business or in love. The Rat loves to be the center of a large group of loyal friends and knows how to treat its loved ones with a special, warm generosity. The Pig puts friends and family first and makes a great, loyal member of the Rat’s social group. The Pig tends to be an optimist and an idealist who sees only the best in others; thus, this Sign will likely overlook some of the Rat’s less stellar qualities, such as its occasionally greedy nature and its constantly scheming mind. The Pig will just appreciate the Rat’s wit and good humor, its fun-loving nature and, best of all, the Rat’s luck with money. The Pig possesses a truly luxurious nature, which meshes well with the Rat’s good taste. If these two are very close or in love, the Rat will love treating the Pig to the good foods and lush treatment the Pig so desires — though the fast-paced Rat may become impatient with the Pig’s penchant for sleeping late!

As business partners, these two will make a good team but may have a few problems that will need smoothing over. The Rat is shrewd and money-minded; this Sign knows how to charm anyone as long as it means accruing more wealth in the end. The Pig loves the wealth itself (for what it can buy!) but may be a bit too lazy for the Rat’s taste, which will in turn bring out the Rat’s quick temper and sharp tongue. On the other hand, the Pig has an incredibly strong will; once it puts its mind to a course of action, it will not be deterred. This can be good or bad, depending on which course of action the Pig has chosen and whether it agrees with the Rat’s point of view!

The Rat and the Pig share a compatibility of eight, on a scale of one to ten.


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