Rat’s Romance Horoscope – 2006

First quarter
The present astral configuration is by itself neither positive nor negative for your love affairs. It simply implies that you’ll reap the results of your recent decisions: and for those natives of the sign who made good choices, difficulties and disappointments if you took a bad direction. Thanks to this configuration, some single natives can make a very important encounter that may provoke a drastic upheaval in their habitual ways of life.

Second quarter

Jealousy in your sentimental sky! This will be nothing really sensational since, as a good native of this sign, you’re naturally exclusive and possessive. However, don’t go too far! Know that ‘jealousy is the worst of evils and the one that causes the least sympathy to the person who provokes it’ (La Rochefoucauld). Be vigilant if you want to keep your beloved one; shower them with thoughtfulness and, above all, don’t get angry, otherwise you may disrupt the very ties that you unquestionably want to preserve.

Third quarter

Particularly favorable period as far as your affairs of the heart are concerned. The Dao Hoa, in conjunction with the star Moc Duc and the element Wood, will prove to be the guarantor of great amorous happiness. Long-time couples will experience a new impetus of tender passion. Other natives of the sign, swept away by intense, deep, passionate sentiments, will form happy and beneficial projects for the future, projects that will very likely be crowned with a marriage.

Fourth quarter

Whether you’re married or single, you’ll tend during this period to concentrate yourself on your personal preoccupations or activities. Love? If it’s there, so much the better; if it’s not, nevermind, you’ll go without it! But with this aspect of the star Hong Loan, there’ll be strong possibilities for amorous happiness to be present. Numerous single natives of the sign, who will think about everything except for passion, may fall in love at the very moment when they least expect it.

Source: http://chinese.astrology.com/year/ratlove.html

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