A Lucky Miracle

Something really amazing happened this morning. I normally walk Lucky and keep her on a tight leash. Today, something inside me told me it was time to let Lucky loose. I needed to see if my training the last couple of months beared any fruit. As I was about to finish Lucky’s walk, I let her off the leash. I was so nervous and worried she would run away. Lucky first walked away and then she ran. She got maybe a couple minutes of “freedom” but she was happy. Then she did something that really shocked me. I called her name and watched her wag her tail. She then ran towards me. I petted her put her back on the leash and took her home. I rewarded Lucky with many dog biscuits, pets, hugs, etc. If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, it was meant to be 🙂

Lucky in Saigon, Vietnam

(Lucky listened to my command, “Sit” very well.  She is good with the commands, “Kennel,” “Sit,” “Stay,” and “Lie.”  I will teach her more in the coming months.)

Lucky in Saigon, Vietnam

(Freedom!!!  Will she come back?  I was amazed how fast she ran 🙂 )

Lucky in Saigon, Vietnam

(Lucky outside the gate of my house.  She ate a big meal of biscuits and mixed soft/hard dog food.)

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