IPS Traffic Jam

Everyday between 4-4:30 PM, there is a horrible traffic jam when IPS, the International Primary School in Saigon, releases their students. Chaos ensues…

IPS Traffic Jam, Saigon, Vietnam

(Coming to work at the Capital Place Building on Thai Van Lung Street, District 1)

IPS Traffic Jam, Saigon, Vietnam

(I parked my motorbike and I am trying to walk through the traffic jam now)

IPS Traffic Jam, Saigon, Vietnam

(Big, big nightmare created by the IPS students and their parents)

IPS Traffic Jam, Saigon, Vietnam

(Another view of the parking lot entrance)

4 comments on “IPS Traffic Jam”

  1. Minh

    The Vietnamese poeple do not care for getting in an orderly line. They would push forward to advance at any chance or openings they get. However, I have not seen any fist fight because of this, only words exchange

  2. kevmille

    You do see the middle class and upper middle class adapting to lines now at places such as Citimart or Metro. Slowly but surely it is happening.

    My theory about the Vietnamese people is that they vent their emotions and frustrations on motorbikes. If you think about it, the only time you see a Vietnamese person angry are while they are riding on their motorbikes.

  3. Minh

    Yeah, that is somthing. For a poor country, they’re always smiling. It seems they have minimal stress compare to other developed countries.

    Vn ranked prety high too in the HPI index ….happy planet index

  4. kevmille

    Yeah but you can see the stress in their eyes. I meet many people here, including myself, whose lower part of their eyes are blacker than black. Sign of exhaustion.

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