Memories of Kazakhstan

Sometimes it is hard to believe that I left Kazakhstan over 7 years ago. I remember back then that I really wanted to leave and return back to the US. Once I returned to Seattle in July, 1999, I knew I wanted to return back to Central Asia. I did briefly for about 4 months (Aug., 1999, – December, 1999) but to the surprise of many, I never returned. Instead I headed to Vietnam. Do I miss Kazakhstan and my Peace Corps site, Karatau. Yes I do. My students still email me occassionally. Many have gone on and graduated from their 4-year universities. Next summer, if at all possible, I want to make a short return visit back to Karatau.

Karatau, Kazakhstan

(I have fond memories of the local mosque in Karatau. This view was taken a couple days after I arrived to Karatau, Kazakhstan. The mosque was never finished.)

Karatau, Kazakhstan

(My Kazakh host sisters and their nieces. I really miss them. We spent two full years together in the same house. They are my sisters and I want to get back in touch with them.)

Karatau, Kazakhstan

(Asan and Adilgul Orazambetov – My Kazakh host parents who took care of me during my stay in Karatau. We had many hard times the first year but the second was unforgettable.)

Karatau, Kazakhstan

(My dutiful students who did everything to please me while I was their teacher. There was never a dull day when they were in my class.)

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  1. Alex


    my name is alex and i have been a resident of Karadtau a long time ago. Before Jan. 1991. I was grown up there and visited school till the 7 grade. Then our whole family went to germany. (We are germans from the former german wolga region). If you are looking for people from Karatau, visit the website for us it is the first place to meet people who lieved our beautiful town long or short time ago.

    Best regards

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