Center for International Education 5 Year Anniversary

6 comments on “Center for International Education 5 Year Anniversary”

  1. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    Hey Jannie, how is life in the US? I remember that performance so well. Those were the days but I am still mad at the CIE for accusing me of giving all of you the answers to my exam 🙁

  2. Jannie

    I have been freaking busy these days.

    Everything is fun. I am doing my internship in AIG, have 6 months working full-time. I have leant a lot. I will get back to school next Fall, working hard to graduate next year.

    Haha… We had to practice for that performance in one month… It paid off. I can still perform it. haha. For CIE, I have no comments. But don’t be mad… since you have a lot of nice students like us… Cheers!!!

  3. Jannie

    I don’t have a plan yet… Maybe after I have some experiences here. I definitely want to get back some time… My family moved with me… I am not an international student, which helps me a lot!

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