Ludicrous plea from American expat


This was emailed to me from Vi:

Galaxy Studios is hosting the premiere of Casino Royale, the latest film in the James Bond franchise. The premiere will take place Dec. 21st. The pre-screening activities (walking the red carpet, buffet, speeches, taking photographs, etc.) will begin at 6, and the film will show from 7:30 to 9:45 pm.

We are looking for some men who approximate the appearance of Daniel Craig, the actor currently playing James Bond. This means we’re looking for men who are around 1.7m or taller, can speak fluent English, and are blond (or willing to dye their hair). However, since tall blond British are rather scarce in HCMC, we are willing to beyond these criteria. The chosen talent will mingle with the crowd and the models hired as Bond girls, welcoming guests and posing for pictures.

If the talent can provide his own clothes or is willing to have a suit tailored(navy/black suit, white collared shirt, dark shoes) the compensation will be 800,000 VND. If not, the compensation will be adjusted accordingly if a suit needs to be provided.

Please send all inquiries to:


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