Alpamys Bakytuly


One of my Kazakh students back when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Karatau, Kazakhstan (1997-1999).  He and Zhandos were my biggest nightmares 🙂 Alpamys surprised me by being the first of my Kazakh students to contact me in 2004.  I had predicted my first Kazakh student would contact me within 5 years of my leaving Kazakhstan.  Alpamys made that prediction come true.

Alpamys works for an HR company in Atyrau, Kazakhstan.  My nightmare student will soon become my business partner 🙂

Alpamys’s weblog can be found at this URL: 

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  1. Alpamys

    yes, I knew that guy. He was too active but did not want to study at all… Alpamys and Zhandos were something terrible…

    good time.

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