Sevara Ismailova

I met Sevara nearly 7 years ago in Osh, Kyrgyzstan, when I interviewed her for the American Councils.  I recently got back into contact with her a week ago.  She spent a year in the US in 2000, returned back to Osh, completed her university, and somehow ended up in Afghanistan.  She has a very interesting life for a 23 year old.  You can view her profile at MySpace:

Sevara Ismailova

(Sevara in Afghanistan)

2 comments on “Sevara Ismailova”

  1. Sevara

    Hey Kevin,
    I was soooooo much surprised to see my name and pics here. Why didn’t you tell me you wrote about me? It’s nice though 🙂 Well, actually I don’t know myself how I ended up in Afghanistan but I missed that HELL already LOL

    And missed talking to ya too,

    Lil’ Cheeeezer 🙂

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