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Pizza Hut in Saigon

Okay, I finally tested out the Pizza Hut in Diamond Plaza with a friend. Actually tastes like Pizza Hut pizza 🙂 The service was excellent and the prices actually a bit cheaper than in the US. You can get a regular pizza combo for less than $10 US that includes a regular size pan pizza, garden salad, and two drinks.

Pizza Hut in Saigon

(Front entrance of Pizza Hut)

Pizza Hut in Saigon

(Inside the restaurant)

Pizza Hut in Saigon

(A really friendly environment)

7 comments on “Pizza Hut in Saigon”

  1. Rogena

    I must say that is a beautiful sight! As I begin my year of buildup for my next trip to Vietnam, I am always thinking about ways to battle the feeling of homesickness while there (food is pretty strong). Pizza Hut will help the battle just fine.

  2. kevmille

    There is another pizza joint called Pizza Inn that’s a Pizza Hut clone. I went there once. I actually like pan pizza so it was nice to see that I could get it in Saigon.

    Best of luck on your preparations.

  3. pizzalover

    Pizza Inn is absolutely terrible. I am so happy that Pizza Hut is now in town because nothing beats the Pizza Hut Pan pizza. I can’t wait for the Le Thanh Ton location to open. I just saw the sign – it looks awesome.

  4. Bui Xuan Phong


    Last Friday evening 28/9/2007, my wife and I had dinner at Pizza Hut 19 Le Thanh Ton St. When we finished our dinner and asked our bill, a young girl namely Thuy An who was hanging a walkie-talkie on her hip come to us. I said in Vietnamese that we wanted to pay as ” Lam on cho anh thanh toan”. She rolled her eyes at us and asked so root: ” what ?” I shocked a little bit and said again ” Cho anh thanh toan “. This time, she got my meaning and turned around to cashier. On the way, she told ” Phai noi la tinh tien ” and shown her very bad face and body language. After paying the bill, I told to Mr Minh, shift leader that I needed to talk to his manager. Thuy An was standing there and said to me ” Here is the manager” with the meaning that to see what I can do. Very root !!!

    I do not think a very long history and good reputation business in the world has such kind of staff. And I do not think that in the centre of Sai Gon can exist such kind of customer service. I had very bad experience with Pizza Hut.

    Whatever you take or feedback, I am sure that I will never go to any Pizza Hut restaurant.

  5. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    The Pizza Hut in Diamond Plaza has better customer service. I will agree with that the customer service at the Pizza Hut on 19 Le Thanh Ton Street needs to be improved. They are quite slow and it seems that you are more of a nuisance to them when you ask for something.

    Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I am about to head to Pizza Hut at Diamond Plaza for a pizza.

  6. sydney


    Just wondering how many Pizza Hut locations are there in Vietnam? Is there
    any other pizza restaurants beside Pizza Hut & Pizza Inn in vietnam?

    Can someone tell me the names & locations?

    Thanks much – Sydney

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