Year of the Pig Horoscope (For Rats)

Rat Overview

Things are looking up for the Rat, as the Pig is a lot friendlier toward you than the Dog. You have a tremendous advantage of quickness over the Pig, so you can create lots of opportunities for yourself this year.

As with last year, however, ruling Fire puts you at a disadvantage as Fire and Water (your fixed element) spell disaster in Chinese. You can be a big winner this year if you realize that you may be your own worst enemy and do your best to avoid recklessness.

Rat Rating

65% (9 favorable, 1 neutral and 2 unfavorable months)

Rat Career

Work life should proceed relatively smoothly. Merchants, bankers and salespeople could have a banner year.

Rat Relationships

Typically, the Rat is not a particularly sensual lover. There is passion, however, and it is likely to be stimulated this year by a new love interest.

Rat Health

The Pig means the Rat no harm, but there nevertheless are several unlucky stars influencing the Rat this year. They are most likely to affect the area of health. Don’t be surprised if you become sick or feel run-down on more than one occasion. Give yourself a fighting chance by monitoring your health closely and eating a healthy diet.

Rat Wealth

Rats who work for commission or for themselves could make significant sums of money. The Pig smiles on honest commerce.


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