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Birthday at Yoko Cafe

April 16. My birthday. Turns out Annie (Meet me in Saigon) shares the same birthday with me as well so we decided to celebrate it together. Joining us at Yoko Cafe was Chris (charvey in Vietnam) and his friend, Giang. We later headed to Yoko Cafe for some live music. About 6 other people joined us including Ty and Tony, a lovely sweet couple. They gave some chocolate to Annie and I received a lovely helicopter (someone must have told Ty that I loved airplanes). The band was great and we were in for a special treat, a famous Vietnamese singer (sorry I did not know who she was) performed several songs for the audience. Normally the live music stops at Yoko about 10:30 PM but it went on until 11 PM last night!!! Unfortunately, despite have two excellent camera phones in my pockets, I only took a few shots during the night πŸ™

Yoko Cafe, Saigon, Vietnam

(View of the band at Yoko Cafe)

Yoko Cafe, Saigon, Vietnam

(The famous Vietnamese singer performing)

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