Saigon Manna club


The Manna club, located on 26 Ho Huan Nghiep in District 1 of Saigon (above the Paloma Cafe). Annie (MeetMeInSaigon and I were going to meet Pao (AznGamerBoi) and his friend there. Well, I say the club was okay but I was not impressed by the sound system (somebody needs to tell them what surround sound is). The DJ, who we saw earlier the day at Bobby Brewers, was not bad. I had a Johnny Walker Black with Coke that tasted more like water than whiskey, like Lush, Manna waters down the whisker as well. 🙁 The club was packed and the lip singing Transvestite singers were a great amusement for the crowd. Oh yeah, the Manna club has a reputation for being a gay bar in Saigon so if you are uncomfortable with this crowd, go to Lush Bar or Volcano instead. Bring your camera, Manna is one of the few clubs in Saigon that allows you to take pictures inside.

Saigon Manna club

(The wonderful DJ playing a techno mix for the crowd)

Saigon Manna club

(I love the lighting system making for some great shots)

Saigon Manna club

(A view of the bar and table area)

Saigon Manna club

(One of the ‘lovely’ singers)


  1. I didn’t know that Manna has a reputation of being a gay club in Saigon. I was talking to my officemate last week and when I mentioned that I go to Lush, she said ‘oh, don’t go there, it’s a gay club’. Haha. Try going to Manna on weekdays. The crowd is less gay and there’s a rock band playing.

    I seriously think that Manna has to get a good ventilation system. I was there last weekend at the same event you posted and I think all the smoke I inhaled took its toll on my throat. Tonsillitis!

  2. Lush is catered more to the upper class crowds now. In the past it had a reputation for being a gay bar but then it changed management. I actually like Lush better now than in the past.

    At Manna, if you sit on the sofas next to the entrance, you should be okay. I noticed no smoke there and my clothes did not smell like smoke when we left.

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