Building Contruction Woes – Almost Finished


Well, it looks like all the homes are finally being renovated. The People’s Committee will not pave the alleyway until ALL the houses meet the requirements. One house may have to tear down here balcony since it was too low to the ground. A truck could still hit it. When my neighbor to the right finishes her renovation, my landlord will have to knock back two walls for the widening alleyway. We cannot do it know until my neighbors are finished. I think we have about another month before all the construction is finished. Cross your fingers 🙂

Saigon Phu Nhuan Housing Construction

 (Neighbor to the right of my house is not finished yet with her renovation)

Saigon Phu Nhuan Housing Construction

(Neighbor to my left is nearly finished – another house next to his started renovating last night)