Reasons to use Linux


I first started using Linux back in September, 2003, at the recommendation of my GIS (Geographic Information System) instructor at Indiana University. I was never an avid Windows user since as far as I can remember, I always used a Commodore Amiga computer (Well, a Commodore 64 then Amiga 500) as a kid through college. I only used Windows because I had too!

So why should you switch to Linux? Well, I am not saying you have to switch entirely to Linux. Linux allows you to dual-boot any computer to run Windows and Linux at the same time. What is important are the mainly reasons why you should be more careful using Windows while demonstrating the many strengths of Linux. The following, very well written, articles should help with this:

  1. What’s Wrong With Microsoft?
  2. Does FOSS (Free Open Source Software) Have a Future?
  3. Linux is not Windows
  4. Getting Started with Linux

Several of Vietnamese and Expat users here in Saigon have formed the Saigon Linux Group (a separate entity from SaigonLUG) to help promote Linux in the business and nonprofit community in Vietnam. We already started work on a couple pro-bono projects and expect to expand them further this summer.

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