Saigon Manna Club – Swing Band


Well, I guess I may have been premature in labeling Manna Club as a gay bar. Last night Annie, her roommate, and I joined Chris and Giang for some dancing at the Manna Club. The live band was pretty good though a couple of the impromptu singers were a bit lacking of, how do you say it, a voice (I am sorry but white guys and rapping just do not go hand in hand). It was interesting and I actually danced sober for once in my life. My only complaint was that we lost our table, and drinks with it, when we headed to the dance floor.

Saigon Manna club

(View of the band from our table)

Saigon Manna club

(The Live Band)

I wonder if the owners of the Manna Club read my blog, my whiskey and coke this time was not watered down (though later at the Lush Bar, it was watered down a lot).


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