Bitter Asian Men


    A hilarious site from a Bitter Asian guy’s perspective on Asian women dating non-Asian men 🙂


    Are you a BAM looking for the right way to express his rage at the world? You’ve come to the right place. Are you looking into insight as to why your Asian ex-boyfriend isn’t talking to you after you dumped him and started dating some frat boy? Again, you’ve come to the right place. Wonder why that Asian guy glares at you every time you ask him what brand of egg rolls he likes best? You’re definitely in the right place!

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    1. Hi dude, remember me? Hope yes (-;
      I am in the States with Tracy now. Hope to see you again soon here or we will see you in Vietnam next year. I do not know why I do not like Asian man any more even though I know there are a lot of cute nice kind Asian guys out there. Maybe because I am being with a White one currently. Everywhere has the good and bad people, I guess the guys who wrote “Bitter Asian Men” just still not be able to find their love yet. Do not go for love, sit there and it comes to you naturally. You have any girl to introduce us yet? Hope everything is going well to you and I am glad that you go to clubs, bars in Saigon often now. I like hanging out with friends there, it was so fun!!!!! Tracy hates bar and club here and I do not have any company )-:

    2. I went to the Sates with Tracy 3 days after my interview and got visa. We came back home together. I miss Sai Gon a lot, really. Wish Tracy changed his mind some day and we headed back Sai Gon for living! Miss you, too (-;

    3. So much IT potential here now. Wait a couple years and it will be too late. All his former colleagues and staff got smart and opened their own companies already. I got one opening, not IT, this year and a Linux IT group after that with about 5 IT guys from the West.

      Good luck. Visit Little Saigon if you get bored and homesick 🙂

    4. Kevin, yes, I do get home sick and everything in Saigon. I am still not familiar with depending on some body. I can’t do much here like Tracy can’t do much in Saigon. I wish I had family or relative or any friend here who can help… Everything of my life now is depended on Tracy. That “hurts” me and sometimes in my mind, I want to come back with my bustling Saigon where I have family, money, career and friends…. I only come here for love and hope it’s worth for it. Get a Vietnamese wife and be happy there… You have my support!
      PS: My yahoo ID is nqt_bin, add me if you want, I write blog often on, too. Have fun in the clubs (all hot chicks there, hah 😉 )

    5. In the US you have to be independent. Learn how to drive, it is easy to do in the US. I think you have to take a driver’s course in Cali.

      Enroll in a Community College class. Become a Vietnamese tutor. Learn how to fly. Many things to do. Set up an import/export business. So many opportunities 🙂

      I added you to my Yahoo 360. Don’t be surprised at the number of young ladies.

      I may marry but I am tired of girls being ‘chanh’ with me 🙂

    6. Why do they “cha?nh” with you? “Cha?nh” with them and they will stop that (- ; I wish I could be dependent, I am always the modern Vietnamese, point is time is so slow to me here, no SSN, no ID card yet so cannot get the license yet. We did the marriage paper last week and I still not think I have a “husband”, still available (-; Will you see in Vietnam soon, I definitely will join you in some fun clubs? Do you drink now, Kevin?

    7. I know, be chanh back but I just realized what it was before Tet. It gets frustrating sometimes since it seems that everyone, including close friends, are always chanh…

      Hey Trang, I am a former Marine. Always drank believe it or not but not much. I like whiskey and coke now.

      What, no marriage papers, I thought this was all arranged beforehand?

      Khong hieu…

    8. We did get married here and I am waiting for picking up marriage license and go on with the other papers. I came here with fiancee visa and it is different kind of marriage visa. I came here for marriage and we did and no we have to submit papers for getting green card, citizenship and others. Today seems better to me. I wish I could go to bars, clubs whenever I get home sick here. That is a great place to get rid of stress. Will drink with you some day, he he he.

    9. Congrats Ms. Tracy 🙂

      I went out to Lush last night. It was dead in the beginning but then it got busy. I had about 6 whiskeys and coke. My friend had to ride my motorbike until I sobered up at a Chinese restaurant. Went home okay after that. Need to rest all morning until about 4 PM when I see my students at Indochina Capital.

      I lived overseas nearly 6 years of my life, eventually you get used to it 🙂

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