Cafe Hi-END


Here is a cafe worth visiting in Saigon. Cafe Hi-END is located in District 1 on 217 Nguyen Van Thu. It is well known for it’s handmade sound system and amplifiers. You can spend hours drinking coffee and listening to music here. Coffee is not bad as well.

Saigon Hi-END Cafe

(Cafe Hi-End and the handmade sound system)

Saigon Hi-END Cafe

(Front view)


  1. You beat me to it. I was just preparing a posting on the Hi-End Cafe. When I asked to take a photo of the sound system, they said OK, but don’t include the “Hi-End” sign in the picture.
    — Mel

  2. I never ask the staff for permission in any establishments. I just take the picture 🙂 I hope it was brighter inside when you took your picture. I used my cell phone camera.

  3. i’ve heard about this cafe from my officemate a month ago. i’ve always been meaning to check it out since it was just a short walk from my office. the dark interior kept me from actually checking it out, though. haha. that and the fact that it was full.

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