Gloria Jean’s Coffee in Saigon


Well, I now have visited both Gloria Jean’s Coffee shops in Hanoi and Saigon and all I have to say is that I am not impressed with either coffee shops. Coffee was way overpriced even by Seattle standards. Mojo Cafe at the Sheraton is much, much better. The service was good, though, and they did have free wifi.

Gloria Jeans Coffee in Saigon

(Gloria Jean’s Coffee in Saigon)

Gloria Jeans Coffee in Saigon

(Gloria Jean’s Coffee – You can see Mojo Cafe in the distance)


  1. I used to work at Gloria Jean’s at Ala Moana Center in Hawaii. It was fun but hard work. But the second time I worked there, they laid me off for no reason really – this was like 15+ years ago – and ever since then, I’ve never really cared for the place. Starbucks is a bit pricey too, if you ask me.

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