Angry Asian Men


    Had enough of Bitter Asian Men? Try Angry Asian Men:


    …by becoming Angry Asian Man. “Angry Asian Man,” as I was dubbed by I don’t know who, represented all things loud and proud about Asian America. My purpose was to acknowledge and encourage our yellow struggle against The Man, who in turn was determined to keep us in our bamboo cages and hold us down. I was angry. I was Asian. And I wasn’t going to stand by and watch idly as my people were unknowingly subjugated!

    Visit the site here ->

    Oh yeah, in case any of you are asking, I am half-Japanese but I AM NOT half as bitter (^.^)


    1. I actually like reading that website, because it raises a lot of awareness. I guess it’s different for you, living in Vietnam, and being hapa. But here, as Asian Americans, we face a lot of racism and discrimination that usually goes unnoticed because we don’t mobilize and speak out like other communities. But thanks to website like AAM, these issues are brought out to light and have helped people become more aware of race issues out there.

      So it’s not really being bitter, but being aware and demanding justice for the injustices you face being a silent minority.

    2. You will notice the same treat of Asian Americans here, especially by certain expats, as in the US. Racism never stays home. All Asian Americans tend to have difficulty earning the same respect and pay as non-Asian Americans here in Saigon. Gets frustrating for some.

      Mixed Asian Americans have the same problem here. I heard one Vietnamese Amerasian from the US mention that his friend was so lucky b/c he was white here in Saigon.

      Being a Japanese Amerasian has helped me alot here in Vietnam but I still experienced some discrimination in trying for jobs my first year here particularly from British organizations that did not want to hire anyone with Asian blood.

      Hey, one of my majors is American Ethic Studies with an emphasis on Asian American Studies 🙂 Oh, and I am an Amerasian, not a hapa 🙂

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