Raised Floor

Well, yesterday two of my neighbors brought in a lot of rubbish consisting of dirt and rock to raise my floor. Took them a total of 7 hours. They were quite nice, I did not need to stay downstairs with them (^_^). Today they were now adding the cement to the floor. Tomorrow they will probably add the tiles and finish repairing the front door area. When they are finished, the dust entering my house will be cut significantly.

Raising the Floor in my Saigon house

(View of the rubbish floor from my front sliding gate)

Raising the Floor in my Saigon house

(The cement will cover the entire opening on the bottom)

Raising the Floor in my Saigon house

(Workers added the cement today)

Looks like they will be finished around lunchtime but unfortunately, I am stuck home all day.

2 comments on “Raised Floor”

  1. Sally

    Reminds me of Mexican construction projects I’ve witnessed.

    I’m amazed that you’re still living on the hem in that house.


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