Home Repairs (^_^)


Well, they are about done tiling my first floor. My landlord and I had a long discussion on much needed repairs. Here is what he will do for me next Sunday or sooner:

  1. Paint the livingroom, my bedroom and the bedroom above my room,
  2. Install a granite ramp at the entrance of my house for my motorbike,
  3. Replace the glass windows above my front door,
  4. Add gas to my air conditioner in my room,
  5. Remove the livingroom curtain which is more of a nuisance than anything,
  6. Any other requests before Sunday.

He has been pretty cool the last week. The new paint in the livingroom will make it brighter.

The outside repairs will be done by my neighbor (at her convenience since she is still renovating her house).

I will add two small trees and a granite picnic table (with umbrella) on my terrace. Yeah, that means my house will be ready for partying (^_^).

By the end of the month, I should be ready to rent out two of my rooms again.


  1. I live in Phu Nhuan District about 5-10 minutes from the airport. Again, it will not be ready until June or July when the road is repaved.

    I am actually looking for a stable long term roommate. Preferably a non-smoker and someone who likes cats and dogs 🙂

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