Home Repairs Completed


My landlord’s workers finished with the repairs in my house today.  Unfortunately he did not clean my house.  To make things worse, as usual, his workers stoled my cleaning towels.  They even stoled the towel for my motorbike and the towel my cat sleeps on!!!  No problems, I will deduct all this, the electricity they used, and the water they used from next month’s rent.  Roughly 600,000 Vietnamese Dong or about $31.00 US.

I guess my cat ran out of the house so we had to look for poor Smokey at my neighbor’s house.  I was not happy but I later found Smokey upstairs, scared.  They did manage to bring Lucky inside during the storm.

It will take about 2-3 hours to clean the entire house.  I will have to buy some cleaning equipment first.

When the alleyway is repaved again, I will invite people for dinner at my house again (^_^).


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