House Nearly Cleaned


Well, after a late night SMS to my landlord yesterday to remind him to clean the house, fix the aircons, and to get the stairwell lights working again, to my amazement, he complied.  Early this morning, the aircon maintenance guys came to my house.  Right after, about 3 cleaning people came followed by my landlord’s relative to do the electrical repairs.  Even though I did not need to help, I found myself cleaning my kitchen.  Except for the burners (I had no EasyOven spray yet), I think the kitchen looks awesome.  It is the cleanest is has ever been.

The other workers  got a good chunk of the house clean but I will have to go over it again before the weekend.  Still a lot of cement dust on the kitchen floor but now I not have to worry about seeing Smokey’s cement-paw prints on the tables anymore :-).  We spent about 4 hours cleaning the entire house.

I plan to get some live plants for my livingroom now since there is more light there.  I want two trees and a picnic table on the terrace.  That way Lucky can have some shade during the day.  I plan to build her a dog house as well.

My room needs a thorough cleaning job.  This weekend I plan to clean and paint my room.