Best English School in Saigon


Many expat English teachers have probably not heard of this school but I am sure their students have. The Youth Foreign Language School is one of the best English schools in Saigon. Many of the English teachers are Vietnamese, some of the best in the city. If you ever meet a Vietnamese who speaks English very well but never traveled overseas, the best bet is that they are a student from the Youth Foreign Language School. The school is located on Pham Ngoc Thach Street in District 1.

Youth Foreign Language School - Saigon


  1. This is the web page for the school:
    04 Ph?m Ng?c Th?ch, Ph??ng B?n Nghé, Q.1, TpHCM. ?i?n Tho?i: 8294345.

    They have 1000 students, with classes of 25-30 students each.
    Prices are cheap. Evening classes are very popular.
    Go there after 2pm to talk to reception or 2pm-9pm to the administrative office on the 3rd floor.

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