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Returning to Gentoo Linux

I have been running OpenSuse 10.2 for nearly 3 months now. It was easy to install and configure on my Lenovo/IBM Thinkpad. OpenSuse is a great Linux distribution for people here in Vietnam to try out. For me, though, I plan to go back to my Linux roots and re-install Gentoo Linux. My biggest complaint for OpenSuse is that I feel I do not have full control of my laptop/computer. In Gentoo, when I have a problem, I immediately go to my terminal window to find out what is causing it. If there is a problem with sound, no problem, I can resolve it. If I cannot figure out what is wrong, than I go the famous Gentoo Forums. Gentoo Linux has one of the strongest communities around the world.

I am coming back to Gentoo. The Saigon Linux Group‘s server may switch to Gentoo as well 🙂 Got to download my install CD…

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