FPT Woes


Well, yesterday FPT blocked access to the internet.  Odd since they told me that I needed to pay my bill on the 26th of every month.  Each month it seems to get moved up a day.  I now need to pay it by the 23rd which is no problem.  I was lazy last Saturday morning so I never paid my bill.  My fault.

I think many people were caught by surprised as well.  Normally the FPT office in the Tan Binh District where I pay my bill is empty.  At 9AM, it was crowded.  Wow.  Took 30 minutes for me to finally pay my bill.  Normally it takes me less than 5 minutes.

Anyway, my internet connection is back 🙂  Pay bills on time.

I got my water bill today, 84,000 VND.  Landlord has to pay part of it but the electricity was lower than expected.  I will need to ask him for about 300,000 VND so he should be happy.


  1. Hey D, I wish they did. Only the garbage collector and water guy collect the bill at my house. For electricity, internet and my phone bill, I have to go to the office and pay it myself. I was told I can do it all online now with HSBC but I do not have faith with online banking here yet 🙂

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