Out and About in Saigon

Well, the Phu Nhuan District does not have electricity now. I decided to head to Saigon Centre’s Highland Coffee. They have wireless there and a nice breakfast. Unfortunately, when I arrived, the electricity soon went out but about 5 minutes the generator kicked in. Now I am waiting for some friends to come here for lunch.

A lot of news about the iPhone. Seems to be some complaints of missing features. No cut, copy, and paste, no wifi access, call clarity is supposed to be poor, the list goes on. Hey, it should still be a good phone, really… I have been using a Linux smartphone for over two years now. Started with the Motorola e680i which I bought in Thailand. Upgraded to the Motorola e6 Rokr a couple months ago. I really love the phone, it is a smaller, better version of the iPhone because it runs on Linux 🙂 Sorry, had to throw that in. With the e6 Rokr, you can copy, cut and paste which is nice. No wireless support yet, oh well. You can use mp3s as ringtones, something still missing in the iPhone. Unfortunately, the e6 Rokr is only available in Asia it seems.

On the topic of Linux. Tony is nearly finished setting up a Linux mirror for OpenSuse Linux. Tonight he will start working on the Gentoo Linux mirror and later, when we get about 1/2 terra-byte of disk space added to my server, he will set up a mirror for Ubuntu Linux. It is actually nice to do something for Linux users in Vietnam for a change. The Saigon Linux Group will promote OpenSuse, SLED/SLES, Gentoo, and Ubuntu in Vietnam. Our only issue is the bandwidth which we hope to resolve in the future.

Well, time to eat lunch 🙂

2 comments on “Out and About in Saigon”

  1. Christian Cadeo

    You crazy linux dude! I am in the States right now and will be checking out the iphone when it launches and will send you some pics.

    BTW – pardon for not saying bye at lush. It was a crazy night but thanks for the delayed invite to the bowling and club.

  2. kevmille

    Not a crazy Linux guy, I just like Linux. I am not a Linuz zealot, I still miss my Commodore Amiga. There is a new Amiga operating system and I am thinking about trying it out sometime this year.

    Have fun with the sorry excuse for a phone called the iPhone 🙂

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