Easy Money in Saigon?


Take a look at the picture below:

Yamaha Nouvo - Flat Tire in Saigon

(Rear tire air nozzle on my motorbike)

Want to earn some easy money? The parking guys know how too with Yamaha Nouvos and any other motorbike with tubeless tires. They know that if they loosen the the nuts on the air nozzle for my rear tire, the air would come out. And if I needed to refill my tire, they would be their with their air pump to refill it for an easy 5,000 Vietnamese dong. Even better, I may have to pay them extra to tighten the two nuts on my air nozzle.

Well, things did not go so well for them. What they did not realize is that with many tubeless tires, it can take days for the air to leak out. They just loosened the nuts a little but it was enough. Two days later, I was near the canal when my tire became flat. About 10 minutes later, one of the tire repair mans noticed the problem and tightened the two nuts. It did not cost me a single penny.

Nope, I guess it was not easy money but good try. I have actually had a guy shove a nail in my rear tire that cost me nearly 150,000 dong to get it fixed. Arghh!!! The joys of owning a motorbike in Saigon 🙂


  1. Check to see if your tires are tubeless. Many people here do not want to pay the extra million for the tubeless tires. Send me a picture and I may be able to tell.

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