What’s up with Google in Vietnam

4 comments on “What’s up with Google in Vietnam”

  1. Yon

    Speaking of Google, have you ever consider monetizing your site with AdSense? Or other online advertising.

  2. Tracy Reed

    Perhaps the Great Firewall of Vietnam or some other machine you are NAT’d through is also used by someone else whose machine has a virus so since you came from the same IP you got that message also?

  3. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    Could be but for other queries, I did not get the same error. If was just for that one particular query.

    Oh, the internet here is so fussy (did I just use that word) at times. You will be surprised at how different it is today than two years ago. Your FPT problems is nothing to what every user deals with today. Packet loss up to 90 percent at times for traffic going outside of Vietnam is now the norm.

    …and it turns out that the stolen fiber-optic lines may just be an urban legend to get people to focus away from the actual culprit of the problem, poor routers and routing system…

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