SaigonTech Student Collages

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  1. Andy

    Hope that collage is not part of their homework and just work they did personally for you. I never remembered doing collage in university.

  2. Nikki

    Hi! I want to ask you about collage…In my collage, Is it contrain my photo? or I can add another picture in magazine about my past,future, and present.Picture carry form symbolize about my past,future,present of me or it contrain the picture is me?.Please answer my question..thanks a lot ^.^….send it to my mail,please .

  3. Kenny

    I have a question about the collage ???
    In the collage, only pictures??? and can i add the picture from magazine, books, or something like that???
    In the essay, only text ??? And i describle about my collage???And 5 pages in A4 paper????
    In powerpoint, can i get another pictures from the internet??? and what do i do with powerpoint, do the collage with text and picture ???

    Please answer my questions.Thanks you so much>please sent your answer to my email

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