Just Another Saigon Rant


Okay, I just realized that I posted way too many IT Geek postings the last week. Time to return back to the world of Vietnam and post another Saigon Rant.  The last week was quite interesting (outside of the Linux IT Geeky stuff). Time just flew right by. To start off, I now have a Facebook account, thanks to Kham Tran:

Kevin Miller's Facebook profile

The reviews for Facebook were right on the mark. It is much easier to set up then, lets say, LiveJournal or MySpace. LiveJournal is dead, no new innovations in a long time which is a deathblow in the age of Web 2.0. MySpace is too cumbersome, they need work on using proper XHTML and CSS.

Bud’s Ice Cream Dilemna

Made another visit to Bud’s Ice Cream, the famous ice cream parlor from San Francisco, California, USA. I am sure you heard about it. Based on the way the history of Bud’s on the menu was written, I should be able to find Bud’s Ice Cream on every street corning in SF, right? 🙂 Anyway, I met Vi and her cousin who was vacationing from France. Interesting fellow, he was scared of the camera!

My friend Vi with a surprise shot at Bud's Ice Cream, Saigon

(Vi at Bud’s Ice Cream with her cousin from France)

SaigonTech Fun

Well, since I missed a day of class to present at the 12th Vietnam ICT Outlook 2007 Conference (You can see pictures of Tony and I there), I had to make up the classes with my students at SaigonTech.  My students are great.  As you can tell from their pictures, they are very energetic.  If things work out right, I can become their future IT Instructor as well.

Hmm, Katy and Bill seem to be having a good time!, Saigon

(Here Katy and Bill are having a good time)

Watching Cars at SaigonTech, SaigonTech

(My students are watching an “opensource’d” version of the movie, “Cars” at SaigonTech)

More Damage to my House

No news here.  The drama continues.  My landlord failed to tell me that my neighbors would put 4 holes in my walls on two different floors.  I have not paid my July Rent yet and I may hold on to it until I get a paved road.  My landlord has avoided coming to my house since the road was removed last March.  I wonder why?

More Damage in my house, Saigon

(More holes in my house)

Mumtaz Indian Food

My student, Chi Mai (not Mai Chi Mai), and I ate Indian food at Mumtaz on Bui Vien Street in Pham Ngu Lao area.  As normal the food was great but we got caught in the middle of a thunderstorm.   Did not leave until after 2 PM.

Mumtaz Indian Food in the Pham Ngu Lao Area, Saigon

(Mumtaz Indian Food in the Pham Ngu Lao Area)

Heavy Rain curtailed our departure, Saigon

(Heavy Rain curtailed our departure)

Troi Oi!!!  John is Dead!!!

I love what John did with Alice’s pictures.  She will kill him but I think he will survive.  He is a black belt in Aikido 🙂  Still, he will feel a lot of pain.

Oh Alive, Kill John!, SaigonTech

(Oh Alive, Kill John!)

So before I end this Saigon Rant, please visit Tommy’s Yahoo360.  He added quite a few interesting pictures from the birthday I attended with my students over two weeks ago.  This is how university students have fun in Vietnam.  They are wilded, crazy, and krazy 🙂  Yeah, some comments, in Vietnamese, were made about me but what can I do…