Linux Distribution Chooser

zegenie Studios created the Linux Distribution Chooser to help potential Linux users pick a particular flavor (version) of Linux that suits their needs and preferences. Take the simple test to see what version of Linux you should be using.

The following distributions were chosen for me based on the test:

  1. Slackware – Never tried it but may give it a try (I will install Zenwalk, a fork of Slackware today)
  2. Arch Linux – Been meaning to give it a try
  3. Zenwalk – Have the iso on my computer as we speak
  4. Gentoo – I am a long time user of Gentoo

I am not surprised by the results. I really like Gentoo but I will most likely settle for Sabayon Linux, a fork of Gentoo, in the near future.

Tony and I both use SLED and openSUSE since the Saigon Linux Group has intentions of becoming a partner with Novell in the near future.

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