openSolaris BeleniX Live CD

beleniX openSolaris Live CD

Well, I am currently using KGet to BeleniX, an OpenSolaris Distribution with a Live CD as I am typing. Should be finished downloading sometime tomorrow.

I am actually a bit excited about this since I started my niX days with Sun Solaris back at Indiana University in Bloomington. At that time, I was just using the Unix lab to work on my GIS project with ArcInfo and ArcView (the only reason I use started to use Red Hat Linux 7.3 was so I could SSH and Telnet to ArcInfo, ArcView, and of course, my email accounts). I really like the Sun Solaris computer labs around campus since nobody ever used them outside of class. When the other computer labs were packed, I just headed to one of the two Unix labs on campus.

Take a look at some of the screenshots. The available packages contain all the programs that I currently use in SLED. I really like the Xfce Desktop Environment which Zenwalk uses a default desktop GUI now. the Xfce desktop reminds me of my Commodore Amiga days.

There are some concerns about license issues but since the BSDs seem to use a similar license, I should have no problem using BeleniX. I can’t wait to give it a try!

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