A Long Saigon Week


Wow, one of those long weeks.  I got caught in a rainstorm last Monday so I decided to have lunch at KFC.

It was actually quite funny since on of the young female employees kept giving me napkins. First it was for my wet hair, another set for my face, another for my fries, and finally for my meal. After she gave me the last stack of napkins, she then asked me in English where I was from. After I answered, she smiled and left. It was funny, she just wanted to practice her English on me.

Saigon KFC Vietnam

(Lots of napkins!)

A couple days later I went out to District 5 for some preventative maintenance at the Yamaha Service Center on my motorbike. They ended up giving me a new spark plug, new air filter and oil change. After, I headed to District 10 to get a new plastic clear decal replaced on the front part of my motorbike.

Yamaha Nouvo Decal repair

(Protective decal layer being replaced)

The housing construction continues around my house, four houses to be exact. Construction starts at 7 AM and ends around 6 PM, Monday thru Sunday. I will lose a total of three more windows when my other neighbor builds his house up. One has disappeared already. For once, I complained to my landlord. No response. A friend will deal with him when I return from the US. Turns out that the contract I signed with him is, well, not legal anymore. Thank you WTO!

Phu Nhuan District Housing Construction

(Mr. Ut’s House)

Phu Nhuan District Housing Construction

(More construction)

Phu Nhuan District Housing Construction

(We all miss our paved alleyway)

Phu Nhuan District Housing Construction

(Probably in 3-4 months they will repave the alleyway)

Finally, before I got sick, you have Smokey here having some fun with playing with my friend.

Smokey - Crazy Vietnamese Cat

(Smokey: “I am going to get you!”)

Then I got really sick. Vi Le thinks I may have caught her cold when we met last Sunday when visited Saigon.  Probably 🙂  She owes me a bowl of Hanoi pho the next time I visit Hanoi.  I spent most of yesterday in bed even though I had to complete some projects for friends.  Sorry Chris, I will get to your task before I leave for Seattle next week.


  1. Protective decal? hehe.. you’re soo vietnamese!

    my aunt got mad at my for taking off the plastic thingy on the screen when I bought my cellphone. She said ” you’re supposed to leave it on to protect it!”.

  2. Well, it actually costs more money to get the original Yamaha decals when they get scratched up. I paid nearly $100. It is much cheaper to cover them up then every 6 months I can replace them. I go to the same shop to do it.

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