August 24, 1996

Tomorrow, Friday, August 24, 2007, I will finally return to Washington State after spending nearly two years without leaving Vietnam. Whether it is coincidence or not, I happened to check my flight log book (which I brought to Vietnam, just in case…), I noticed that my last flight in a Cessna 152 was recorded on August 24, 1996.

Cessna 152 - Kevin Miller, Jr., SaigonNezumi,com

(N6394Q from Wings Aloft – Boeing Field, Seattle)

Wow, I still remember that last flight. Originally I had taken off on a solo practice flight to review some maneuvers for my upcoming Check Ride with the FAA. When I had flown over the Puget Sound just west of Seattle, I decided to forgo the maneuvers and enjoy a one hour flight around Seattle. For some reasons, I had sensed this would be my last flight in a long while.

I was right. . .

That week, I had just earned my Double Degree Bachelor of Arts from the University of Washington and just applied to become a Peace Corps Volunteer. I was accepted and a year later I found myself serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Karatau, Kazakhstan (1997-1999). Three years after that I served as a Program Recruiter in the Kyrgyz Republic with ACCELS/ACTR (1999). After spending three years in graduate school at Indiana University – Bloomington, I found myself in Saigon, Vietnam.

Boeing Field, Kevin Miller, Jr.,

(Forward Slip unto Runway 13L at Boeing Field, Seattle)

Boeing Field, Kevin Miller, Jr.,

(Final Landing on Runway 13L, Boeing Field, Seattle)

Things have changed so much in the 11 years since that last flight. After August 24, 1996, I saw the world. From August 24, 2007, onward, I want to see who I really Am 🙂 Then, maybe, someday I can finally earn my Private Pilot’s License.

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  1. lien

    On a good weather day, it must be nice flying in a single propeller plane, but it would turn my stomach upside down if the weather is bumpy. When the weather is bad, even Continental Express jets give such uncomfortable feeling.
    you creates alot of positive karma in your life. Have you added traveler beside being an overachiever on your personal list? :p

  2. lien

    PS. Have a safe trip home! you will be so busy in the US, so i won’t be looking at your blog until your return to Vietnam. Ja ne.

  3. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    @lien: Overachiever, me? They say that this is normal for those of us born in the Year of the Rat 🙂 I do travel but in all honesty, I do not mind staying put in one place for a while 🙂 Thanks for the wishes. . .

  4. Tracy Reed

    Come to San Diego and let’s go flying! I’ve got nearly a thousand hours of flying time now. Trang’s mom is coming to visit at the end of September and we are going to fly the Cessna 210 up to Las Vegas, over to the Grand Canyon, and then back to San Diego. I’m really looking forward to it!

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