My New Toy (Nokia N800 Internet Tablet)

Well, I just received my newest gadget today run on, yep you guessed it, Linux. It is the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet. It is not a mobile phone but you can make calls using VoIP with Skype. You even get a three-month voucher from Skype to make Computer to Telephone calls 🙂 One reason why I bought the Nokia N800 was because I tired of hauling my Thinkpad on my motorbike when I needed to meet people. The Nokia N800 fits into my motorbike seat. No need to worry about someone stealing my laptop now 🙂

Some pictures below:

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

You can get a GPS kit for the Nokia N800. I will purchase it later when I travel more outside of Vietnam. It would be nice to find a way to mount this device on my motorbike (just pray nobody swipes it).

Here are a couple good reviews for the Nokia N800:

  1. Nokia N800 Review
  2. engadget Review

I am not sure when it will be available in Vietnam.

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  1. josh

    Hi Kevin:

    I have just received the n800 to try out from a friend. However, cannot connect to internet with bluetooth pairing with my regular phone. both devices see and pair properly. the problem seems to be that I don’t know the dial up number for Vinaphone. Have you encountered issue and found answer? thanks.


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