Vietnam to begin work on Open Source Software

Promoting Linux and Open Source Software in Vietnam was never an easy task but despite the many Window’s naysayers in Vietnam, Linux is beginning to take hold in Vietnam. For those of us involved in SaigonLUG, HanoiLUG, and ViPLUG, it has been hard work but we are beginning to see some rewards for our hard efforts.

Asianux has just started work with Vietsoftware to develop ‘Linux-based’ software in Vietnam. Vietsoftware will also distribute and provide consulting services for Asianux products and Linux in Vietnam. This partnership will hopefully create a new generation of Vietnamese open source developers and programmers.

Vietsoftware and Novell‘s partner, GHP Far East, are the only two ‘Official’ Linux Providers operating here in Vietnam.

Read Asianux article here -> Vietnam to begin working on free software

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