Sabayon Linux Annoyances


    I have used Sabayon Linux for nearly three weeks now. Unfortunately, I am at the phase with Sabayon where little things are beginning to annoy me. I installed Sabayon twice on my Thinkpad T60, the first time with Sabayon 3.4e and the second with Sabayon 3.4f. Within a week, packages started to break on my laptop.

    The first to break was Compiz, the nice 3D window manager which would make any Apple user envious on your Linux laptop. The next day I lost Amarok, my main music player on my laptop. Flightgear no longer works. I cannot even access the ATI Catalyst Control Center on my laptop. Today, FileZilla, would not start (gFTP never worked with Sabayon on my laptop). Occasionally, the KDE Panel would stop working for some odd reason.

    Sunday night, I could no longer get any sound from KDE (though I can still listen to music and watch videos and DVDs with Sabayon).

    Yeah, they are annoyances, not really big enough for me to switch back to Gentoo Linux. Two of my friends who tried Sabayon are reverting back to openSUSE.

    For me, I plan to continue the long effort to emerge –world and get my laptop up to date. Yeah, I know I have to keep a close on on the config files, most likely I will need to re-emerge the ati-drivers which hopefully will help me get Compiz working again. I plan to give Sabayon another month before deciding to head back to Gentoo.

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    1. This post would be something more than just a complain if you would post informations of what is really wrong and how you got it work again (if this is the case). Otherwise this is just a crap. I am sorry to say something like that, but let’s face it: this is only another comment that possibly is totaly unfair. It’s like post about a car which “just broke”. Not telling people that the car is broken broken because driver hit a tree with that car makes the information useless.

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